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Our Quality System


NINOLAC produces its great cereals in cooperation with its sister company Belourthe, in Belgium.

We realize most of quality control analysis in our own laboratory

We have more than 80 years of experience in cereals manufacturing and a trained and dedicated team that focus on raisin the standards of work.

Behind our technology stands a solid quality system.

The system is oriented towards granting that all procedures – fabrication, filling, storage, delivery – comply with strict quality standards.

The BRC System
Our quality system is certified by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) with GRADE A.
The system is a reference for quality assurance and food safety in key European countries.
The BRC system is based in a detailed HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) analysis, which ensures the critical points are identified and the food safety is granted.
A yearly audit guarantees our compliance with the BRC standards is being met, before the certificate can be renovated.

The staff is trained to abide by the BRC system, and follow strictly the required hygiene norms.
The factory has safety zones where entrance is limited by a badge system.
In other areas, considered as "high hygiene zones", entrance requires hands disinfection and shoes protection.

Other quality assurance facts:

  • Internal audits verify in permanence the efficiency of the quality system
  • Audits are performed by us on our suppliers, as to ensure the specifications are rigorously followed and to ensure the highest quality of the raw materials we use
  • A traceability system permits to identify in a few seconds the suppliers of raw materials of any product batch, as well as the clients to whom these products have been delivered
  • Highly reactive client support service