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Delicious, smooth and nourishing cereals!

With great taste and optimal composition, NINOLAC BABY CEREAL is scientifically designed to be an ideal introduction to solid foods.

NINOLAC BABY CEREAL is made with natural ingredients. It has a balanced energy content, for optimal growth with less risks of obesity. The cereals used in its composition are partially hydrolyzed. This advanced technology breaks the cereals starch into smaller sugars and makes digestion easier for the baby. It also brings natural sweetness with less addition of sugar. 

NINOLAC BABY CEREAL is a good source of fibers, decreasing constipation and protecting the baby’s intestine. Its amino acid profile is close to that of mother’s milk and it contains lactose that improves calcium absorption providing stronger bones and teeth and improved immunity. What’s more: NINOLAC BABY CEREAL contains essential vitamins and minerals, covering all needs of the growing baby.

Ninolac range

What babies needbebe

Babies are in phase of strong growth and development. They need a lot of energy, proteins, lipids, minerals and vitamins. They need to learn new tastes and textures and start food diversification. NINOLAC BABY CEREAL is a supplement of cereals containing high quality milk proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals, providing most of the good nutrition that babies need!

These are some of the great NINOLAC benefits for your baby:

Healthy growth and development:

  • NINOLAC BABY CEREAL contains proteins (at least 15g/100g) from cow milk & cereal
  • It also contains folic acid that helps the rapid cells division
  • NINOLAC BABY CEREAL supplements the iron intake, what helps the development of red blood cells, preventing anemia

Stronger bones and teeth:

  • NINOLAC BABY CEREAL has high content of calcium
  • It contains phosphorus, a bone component
  • It contains lactose and fibers that improve calcium absorption in the intestine

Better brain development:

  • NINOLAC WHEAT AND MILK contains DHA from fish oil  
  • DHA starts to be deposited in the brain during pregnancy and it continues during the first two years of life

Good vision:Ninolac Kid

  • Vitamin A deficiency affects ± 1/3 of under children 5 years. Good supplementation is essential for babies.
  • NINOLAC BABY CEREAL contains vitamin A that plays a crucial role in vision

Good digestion:

  • The cereals in NINOLAC BABY CEREAL are partially hydrolyzed
  • This technology is mastered only by the most advanced cereal producers.
  • It breaks cereals starch into smaller sugars, what makes them easier to digest
  • It also brings natural sweetness (with much less added sugar)

Decreased risk of regurgitation:

  • Babies have better absorption of nutrients thanks to the cereals starch 
  • They also enjoy more confort and are cleaner and quieter thanks to time of digestion of the starch
  • NINOLAC BABY CEREAL is also a source of fibers (inulin) that decrease babies' constipation

All put together: healthier babies with NINOLAC BABY CEREAL!

  Ninolac babies

NINOLAC BABY CEREAL should be used as a supplement and should not replace maternal milk