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A range to help the development of each baby during its first 3 years

Breast milk remains the primary source for the nutritional needs that come with the baby's growth.

However not all mothers are able or wish to breastfeed their children. 

NINOLAC formula milk range is specially adapted to meet the growing infant and young children’s needs.

NINOLAC is manufactured under meticulously controlled conditions and meets all the CODEX regulations to infant formula


Available in 400g tins. 


 infant formula new


Building strong bones*

NINOLAC milk formulas help babies to develop a good bone structure. Milk proteins are used to build bones and calcium, in synergy with vitamin D, ensures bones are strong.


Minerals for the immune system*

Iron, zinc and iodine are essential building blocks of the immune system.The content of these vital minerals in NINOLAC protect the infant from deficiences and contribute to its optimal development. 


Fatty acids for the nervous system*

NINOLAC milk powders contain  linoleic and and alpha-linoleic acids, which assist in an optimal development of the infant nervous system.The rate of these two essential fatty acids in NINOLAC formulas is comparable to what’s found in breast milk. 


Special formula for toddlers*

NINOLAC GROWING UP  is a formula especially designed to complement the baby’s varied diet, between 1 and 3 years of age.NINOLAC GROWING UP contains supplements that help promoting better nutrition and a healthier immune system.


* in compliance with regulation Codex Stan 72-1981 and Codex Stan 156-1987



Breast feeding is a superior form of feeding for the baby, compared to substitutes. Use NINOLAC formulas when you can't breast feed.