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A better life for diabetics!

DIALIFE is a nutritive and well-balanced meal replacer with oats and milk, specially formulated for people with diabetes. Its low GI ensures lower absorption of sugars and starches. It helps preventing after-meal increase of blood glucose level.
DIALIFE was developed in colaboration with diabets specialists from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Liège.
DIALIFE’s composition conforms all latest relevant International recommendations including the WHO guidelines, the EU Directives and the most relevant body in this field, Diabetes Care of the ADA, the American Diabetes Association.

DIALIFE - low GI cereals.  

One meal = 197 caloriesDIALIFE

  • O% sucrose
  • High Omega 3 and 6
  • High proteins
  • High calcium
  • High vitamins and minerals
  • High fibres

Optimal meal replacer for diabetics

  • DIALIFE decreases hyperglycemia
  • Decreases the production of unexpected fats such as many tryglicerides, and LDL-cholsterol
  • Helps loosing weight