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NINOLAC Baby Spring Water

Special water to drink and prepare the baby's food.

Ninolac Baby Water

If your baby deserves all that's best, why not giving it also the best water for its needs? Leading experts recommend that babies should drink special water.
NINOLAC Baby Spring Water is pure natural spring water, uncarbonated.
This is what is makes it so special:

  • It's low-mineralised, respecting the renal system of babies, which is in formation and doesn't tolerate excessive mineral salts
  • It's low in sodium, preventing the common problem of water retention in babies 
  • It's safe and doesn't contain harmful contaminants and microorganisms
  • It's transparent, odorless and has a neutral taste, allowing the preservation of the pure tastes of every type of food prepared for the baby (formulas, cereals, juices,...)

Use Ninolac Baby Spring Water:

  • To quench baby's thirsty
  • To prepare formulas (as Ninolac infant formula, follow-on formula), and later, infant milk (as Ninolac growing-up formula)
  • To prepare cereals (as Ninolac Baby Cereals)
  • To mix with juices
  • To prepare teas (as Ninolac Camomille Tea)


NINOLAC Baby Spring Water is also suitable for adults!


Available in bottles of 1.5l, 0,5l and 0,33l