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As from 4 months, helping a better digestion.

Baby tea Ninolac Camomile

NINOLAC® Camomile Tea brings the benefits of this wonder herb to babies, easing the digestion. It also helps moms enjoy calmer and restful nights.

Presented in tins of 200g, in granulated format, NINOLAC Camomile is an easily soluble instant tea. 

  • Gluten free, milk free
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin C
  • Mild and digestible
  • Made with natural plant extracts

Relieves Colic, Gas

Camomile has a tradition of centuries as a remedy for intestinal spams and works great for colic in most babies, helping to relieve their discomfort. This natural remedy has no adverse effects!

Calmer nights

Camomile is also known for its relaxing properties. A bottle of NINOLAC Camomile tea in the evening may help the baby to spend a night of good and restful sleep.

Good for teething

The relaxing properties of Camomile will help alleviating the pain that babies commonly feel when teething. It acts as a good natural remedy and more efficiency than teething jells. Moms can soak a clean cloth in NINOLAC Camomile tea (preferably cold) and let the baby chew it.