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Healthy nutrition at all life stages!

For more than 10 years, Ninolac is taking care of your babies by providing optimal nutrition for babies all over the world. Our team of professionals has designed recipes which meet needs of infants and toddlers in order to bring them an healthy development. We care forthe food of your babies as much as you care for them.

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6 tins of infant milk formulas
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Our range of Ninolac products

Ninolac is your partner for all of your baby food projects. With great taste and optimal composition, our range of cereals and infant milks productsis ideal for a complete baby nutrition.

6 tins of baby cereals

Baby cereals

Our expertly crafted selection of infant cereals is intricately designed to meet every crucial aspect of your baby's developmental needs. We proudly accept the role of your steadfast partner in nurturing newborns, acquainting them with a delightful array of mouthwatering tastes, and establishing the cornerstone for a lifelong voyage towards wholesome dietary habits. Choose our baby cereals and embark on a flavorful journey that will nourish your baby's body and mind, setting the stage for a bright and healthy future.

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Infant formulas

Our dedication to providing the utmost nourishment for your cherished infants is at the core of our infant milk formulas. We have honed our expertise in infant nutrition over the years, and we recognize the paramount importance of milk powder in the initial phases of a baby's life and throughout their journey to healthy growth and development. Discover our range of products to delve further into our commitment to your baby's well-being.

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6 tins of infant milk formulas
3 boxes of cereal supplements for adults

Supplements and other items

We have crafted an extensive assortment of nutritious cereal supplements, each meticulously engineered to address the unique nutritional requirements of various age brackets and diverse health conditions. Beyond their nutritional value, we have invested substantial effort into enhancing the sensory appeal of these products, ensuring that individuals seeking dietary supplementation enjoy a delightful and satisfying taste sensation.

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One of the most complete nutrition brands in the world

The product range for infants helps the development of children from birth. The range of cereal and milks offers perfect nutritional quality for infants and young children.Quality is our first commitment and the company has set up a team totally committed and focused on improving the level of our products. Behind the high technology level stands a strong quality system. Our goal is to constantly innovate in everything we do. The Ninolac product range is constantly evolving and is among the best in its category. Moreover, thanks to its flexibility the company cooperates with partners in different ways in order to offer customers a service that outreaches their expectation.

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Our R&D-driven approach guarantees pleasurable, healthy, and sustainable food innovations

Our company's heartbeat resonates with the dynamic synergy of the complete R&D collective, propelling remarkable innovations that epitomize excellence.

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Our resolute dedication ensures top-notch quality across all products - from sourcing to production, excellence remains our hallmark.

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The array of technologies we choose from allows us to offer a variety of solutions in the realm of baby food, incorporating the very latest advancements.

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Research & development

A realm of boundless opportunities that embraces cutting-edge innovations, complemented by a team of adept and seasoned professionals.