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The Belourthe Group

The position of Ninolac within the Belourthe Group

The Belourthe Group is the reunion of three family companies:
1. Belourthe – producer of baby cereals and infant formulas.
2. Nutriceal (Portugal) – producer of baby cereals.
3. Ninolac International (Luxembourg) – purchasing center and unique contact point for Ninolac range of products.

A map of Europe showing the 3 countries where Ninolac, Belourthe and Nutriceal are located.
Ninolac International SA

We’re more than just a brand

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Purchase office

All ingredients and packaging contracts are made by our Purchase Team from Ninolac Company.  
They select the highest quality ingredients to guarantee products which meets European standards.

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Ninolac and its private brands are everywhere in the world and thanks to customers’s trust and a constantly growing network of distributors, Ninolac quickly became one of the most recognized and trusted brands of nutrition products.

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Marketing and sales

Ninolac, it is also a commercial team which is ready to help and support your company for all of baby food project from the recipes till the loading and deliveries of your goods.

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Our company focuses on its corporate sustainability

We have implemented several actions to support our sustainable food and practices. We prioritize local producers and short circuits for raw materials and we reduce our environmental footprint by treating waste water effectively, installing solar panels and using natural gas, recycling waste, and so on. Together we can make decisions for a more sustainable future.

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Ninolac is available in more than 80 countries

A world map that displays the countries where Ninolac products are sold.