We provide healthy nutrition
at all life stages


Ninolac offer diverse and nourishing products to support children's healthy development

Ninolac cereals

Ninolac's European-crafted cereals adhere rigorously to EU standards for purity, free from pesticides, contaminants, and GMOs, with meticulous scrutiny from sourcing to the final product, ensuring optimal infant well-being. Backed by 50+ years of cereal expertise, Ninolac empowers parents to introduce their little ones to novel tastes and textures, fostering a diverse palate and deterring taste fixation.

Ninolac standard milk formulas

Recognizing breast milk's significance, some mothers opt out for various reasons. Our milk formulas step in to aid optimal bone development via milk proteins and calcium synergistically enhanced with vitamin D, supporting infant growth.

Ninolac special milk formulas

Ninolac offers specialized milk formulas designed to address various digestive concerns in infants, from birth to 12 months of age. Our exclusive formulas cater to babies experiencing excessive regurgitation, colic, and lactose allergies.

Ninolac supplements

Experience the seamless blend of nutrition and ease through our selection of adult cereal supplements. Elevate your dietary intake with these thoughtfully curated choices, delivering vital nutrients to boost your holistic health. Embrace the practicality and delectable flavors of our cereal supplements, supporting your dynamic routine and enriching your body with every mouthful.


Fortilac offers advanced nutrition solutions for infants and toddlers, ensuring optimal growth and development

Fortilac cereals

Our Fortilac high quality range of baby cereals is the perfect alternative to start food diversification. Thanks to its diversified recipes the Fortilac range switches baby’s diet and lets them discover new tastes. Fortilac is source of proteins, minerals and vitamins that protect the infant from deficiencies and contribute to their optimal development. With a unique technology, the cereals are partially hydrolyzed so Fortilac cereals are easy to digest.

Fortilac formulas

Our Fortilac infant milks range will help the development of each baby during its first years. Our formulas are specially adapted to meet the growing infant and young child’s needs with all required vitamins, minerals and proteins. Fortilac recipes are manufactured under meticulously controlled conditions and meets all the CODEX regulations for infant formulas.

Private label / Bulk

Private Label cereals and formulas fueling growth strategies with our partners

Private Label

Collaborating with Ninolac unveils boundless opportunities for your brand's triumph in the baby food arena. Our premium private label baby food, adhering to rigorous standards, position you as a purveyor of elite nourishment for children. With over half a century of expertise, we inspire trust among parents seeking paramount quality for their cherished little ones. Seamlessly align your brand with our renowned repute!

Bulk cereals

Discover the perfect solution for your infant product needs with Ninolac's bulk packaging for baby cereals. Designed with care and precision, our packaging is tailored to meet the growing demands of parents and caregivers looking to provide the best nutrition for their little ones.


Empowering your brand with effective marketing

Ninolac recognizes the paramount significance of a well-crafted market entry strategy. Beyond merely being a business entity, we pride ourselves on being dedicated collaborators, working in tandem to enhance the reach and influence of your product. Our partnership extends beyond mere transactions; it is a shared commitment to navigating the intricate path of growth, unlocking the full potential of your product, and rejoicing in the achievement of significant milestones along this transformative journey.

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