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Fortilac, nutrient-rich baby cereals

Our Fortilac high quality range of baby cereals is the perfect alternative to start food diversification. Thanks to its diversified recipes the Fortilac range switches baby’s diet and lets them discover new tastes. Fortilac is source of proteins, minerals and vitamins that protect the infant from deficiencies and contribute to their optimal development. With a unique technology, the cereals are partially hydrolyzed so Fortilac cereals are easy to digest.

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The Fortilac range consists of 5 products, each with a different taste which are easy to digest thanks cereals that are partially hydrolysed. They are available both in bag-in-box of 200g or tin or 400g as well as in bag of 5 to 25kg.

Wheat milk

In the food diversification process, Fortilac Wheat Milk is an ideal bridge between the gluten-free product and products with complementary ingredients. This recipe offers complete and balanced nutrition to support children's healthy growth and development.

Wheat milk 5 fruits 

Fortilac wheat milk 5 Fruits is one of the most suitable for food product diversification with all proteins, minerals and vitamins required for the development of babies.

Wheat milk honey 

This product is a source of proteins, is low in salt and is rich in vitamins and minerals. It allows to introduce a new taste to babies: honey. This formula promotes a balanced diet and the prevention of health problems linked to excessive sodium consumption.

Wheat milk dates

This recipe contains proteins and is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a new flavour for your baby to discover. This formula offers a delicious natural flavour and provides a natural source of fibre and nutrients essential for children's healthy development.

Rice milk 

Thanks to its gluten free property, this product can be used in the first step of the food diversification. Fortilac rice milk also contains high quality milk proteins, vitamins and vital minerals that protect the infants from deficiencies and contribute to their optimal development. This formula provides also essential nutrition for bone development, muscle growth and overall health.

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