Ninolac cereals

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Wholesome nutrition for tiny tummies

Ninolac's European-crafted cereals adhere rigorously to EU standards for purity, free from pesticides, contaminants, and GMOs, with meticulous scrutiny from sourcing to the final product, ensuring optimal infant well-being. Backed by 50+ years of cereal expertise, Ninolac empowers parents to introduce their little ones to novel tastes and textures, fostering a diverse palate and deterring taste fixation.

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Ninolac's collection encompasses five distinct offerings, each flaunting unique flavors, conveniently presented in 200g bag-in-box or 400g tin options.

Wheat milk

Ninolac wheat milk is the most suitable for food product diversification with a nice biscuit taste. This formula contains also DHA, which promotes brain and vision development in children, in addition, this product contributes to normal growth and cognitive development of children.

Wheat milk 5 fruits

This recipe furnishes essential proteins and fibers crucial for infants' development, while introducing the novel realm of flavors through fruits. Offering comprehensive, well-rounded nutrition, this formula nurtures children's robust growth and overall well-being.

Wheat milk honey 

Enriched with proteins, fibers, 9 vitamins, and 3 minerals, this product introduces the delightful essence of honey to infants. Combining a pleasing taste with a natural source of energy and essential nutrients, this formula offers a wholesome option to nurture children's development.

Wheat milk dates 

Introducing the novel taste of dates to infants, this recipe enhances their development with vital nutrients including fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Infused with a delectable natural flavor, this formula serves as a source of essential fiber and nutrients crucial for fostering children's wholesome growth.

Rice milk 

With its gluten-free attribute, this product becomes an ideal choice for initial food diversification. Packed with proteins, fibers, and enriched with 9 vitamins and 3 minerals, it sets the stage for nourishing early stages of development.

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