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Ninolac: enhancing nurture with supplements

Experience the seamless blend of nutrition and ease through our selection of adult cereal supplements. Elevate your dietary intake with these thoughtfully curated choices, delivering vital nutrients to boost your holistic health. Embrace the practicality and delectable flavors of our cereal supplements, supporting your dynamic routine and enriching your body with every mouthful.

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Ninolac Gold

Ninolac Gold targets middle-aged and seniors, offering a scientifically formulated blend of 36 vital nutrients. This cereal-based supplement caters to those aiming to sustain vigor, well-being, and cognitive function. Enriched with anti-aging properties, including vitamins A, C, E, manganese, selenium, and β-carotene, it safeguards against cellular oxidative damage.

Ninolac Dialife

Ninolac Dialife is meticulously designed for individuals with diabetes. A nourishing, balanced powder containing oats and milk, it caters to diabetic needs. Its low glycemic index (GI) curbs sugar and starch absorption, thwarting post-meal blood glucose spikes. Boasting no more than 13 vitamins and 4 minerals, it's fortified to promote optimal health. For comprehensive insights, refer to the medical study in the product sheet's downloadable appendix at the page's outset.

Ninolac Mama

Ninolac Mama caters to expectant and breastfeeding mothers. A milky cereal blend devoid of added sugar, it's enriched with folate, 10 minerals, and 12 vitamins, constituting a complete meal meeting maternal and fetal requirements. Infused with DHA, a pivotal omega-3 fatty acid, it supports optimal nervous system function and visual health.

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